Economic Journalism Awards

The Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics awards this year’s prize to Hansueli Schöchli for his analytical and fact-based writing about economic policy issues in Switzerland. Schöchli consistently emphasizes incentives and constraints; he summarizes relevant empirical research; and he offers back of the envelope calculations that provide helpful perspectives on the issues at hand.

Press release 2022

SSES Young Economist Awards

On every SSES annual meeting since 2007, an award (CHF 2'000) has been granted for the best paper of all authors who are less than 33 years old.

2022 in Fribourg

2021 in Zurich (via Zoom)

2019 in Genf

2018 in St.Gallen

2017 in Lausanne

2016 in Lugano

2015 in Basel

2014 in Bern

2013 in Neuchâtel

2012 in Zurich

2011 in Lucerne

2010 in Fribourg

2009 in Geneva

2008 in Lausanne

2007 in St.Gallen